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Risk Management

In addition to insurance advisory, we also specialize in risk strategies that go beyond the procurement of insurance. Proper risk due diligence and contractual risk shifting, plus alternative risk transfer solutions and strategies that turn risk into opportunity, are what separates us from insurance-only advisors.


Some of our Most Requested Risk Management Services:

  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management 

  • Risk Mapping 

  • Risk & Insurance Assessment as part of M&A Due Diligence

  • Outsourced Risk Management ("rent-a-risk manager") 

  • Risk Process & Product Design (integrated disability, etc.) 

  • Alternative Risk Transfer and Finite Risk Transfer Solutions 

  • Risk Securitization 

  • Intellectual Property Strategies

  • Evaluation of an Organization's Risk Value Chain 

  • Operational Reviews (benchmarking, best practices, etc.) 

  • Expert Testimony

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