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When You Need Us

  • You want to investigate risk on an enterprise-wide basis

  • You want an independent, impartial and objective review (audit) of your insurance or risk management program

  • You have decided to outsource your risk management

  • You want to examine (benchmark) the cost of your insurance program

  • You want to explore other methods (Alternative Risk Transfer) of financing risk

  • You plan to competitively market (bid) your insurance or self-insured program

  • You are actively involved in acquisitions or divestitures (risk due diligence)

  • Your business has changed significantly and requires an evaluation for new or additional exposures

  • You need strategic navigation in dealing with the insurer(s) after your business has suffered a loss.

  • Your loss history has made it difficult or too costly to purchase insurance

  • You are dissatisfied with your broker or insurer

  • You are dissatisfied with your third party claims administrator (TPA)

  • You and your attorney are contemplating legal action against your broker, insurer or TPA

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