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Insurance Advisory

Finding someone to sell business insurance to your company is easy. Finding insurance that’s designed specifically for your business, well that’s not so straightforward. Without knowledgeable independent oversight, organizations will often find themselves over-paying for inadequate coverage. Our goal is to help our client-partners minimize their insurance premiums, while at the same time obtain the broadest possible coverages available in the insurance marketplace.


Some of our Most Requested Insurance Advisory Services:

  • Insurance Coverage Audits/Reviews 

  • Exposure Analysis

  • Broker/Insurer Competition

  • Develop Risk Profiles (silos or enterprise-wide) 

  • Design of Insurance Specifications for Competitive Bidding 

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Quotations from Brokers and Insurers 

  • Insurance Program Monitoring & Management

  • Self-Insurance Feasibility Studies

  • Claim Preparation, Negotiation and Audits 

  • Cost Allocation Systems


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