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Andrew Robinson International is a leading 

risk management, insurance advisory and 

risk due diligence firm working with organizations around the globe to help:

  •  Identify and Understand Risk

  •  Reduce the Cost of Risk

  •  Turn Risk into Competitive Advantage

Through the application of our knowledge-based advocacy and collaborative strategies we continually create superior value for our


our practice


Establishing trust with you is the first and most essential step in understanding and managing your risks.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our pledge of objective and independent advice is strengthened by

the reality that there is no conflict of interest in the services we offer or in how we are compensated.


Since ARI does not sell or broker insurance and we are not affiliated with an accounting, actuarial, insurance

or legal firm, we are not influenced by the desire to "internalize" or “cross-sell” any related service or product. 

We also do not take compensation from any source (brokers, insurers, finance companies, TPA’s, etc.)

other than directly from our client-partners, under a written contract. Our compensation is determined

up front and is based on workload and outcome, rather than loss or premium size.


This unconflicted approach has enabled ARI to consistently deliver superior risk adjusted results for our client-partners.


Andrew Robinson International is dedicated to providing our client-partners with unsurpassed counsel in the areas of risk management and insurance. One of the key advantages we offer our client-partners is an advocate they can turn to for unconflicted advice. This independence affords ARI the ability to deliver valuable and effective knowledge, solutions, and results in the best interest of our client-partners.


Our ultimate objective is to help our client-partners identify, measure, prioritize and manage the risks that stand between them and their goals. What often keeps business leaders up at night is not risk itself,  but knowing which risks need attention -- and your risk transfer and insurance program itself shouldn’t be one of them! ARI has the skills and competencies needed to help you navigate these and other critical issues your business faces.


We provide the highest levels of unbiased, objective conduct, forward thinking and confidentiality.  The relationships we form are long-term because they are founded on trust, integrity and results.  These elements are the cornerstone of our business. 




With an ever changing business and legal landscape, unprecedented technological

advancement and often non-obvious economic interdependencies,

succinct risk strategies are needed now more than ever.


While it is tempting to use a one-size-fits–all approach to risk strategy and planning,

it is applied knowledge and strategic navigation that rule the day.  It’s not magic. 

There is no silver bullet. It is just a matter of anticipating the actions of the relevant participants,

formulating a plan, and executing systematically. ARI consultants apply their extensive

knowledge to level the playing field and deliver meaningful results for our client-partners.


Our knowledge-based approach combined with our advocacy have resulted in ARI being a recognized leader in insurance advisory, risk management strategies, and risk and insurance due diligence.





Andrew Robinson International Risk Management Consultants, Inc.

197 First Avenue, Suite 340
Needham, MA 02494-2874
Tel: 781-400-5333
Fax: 781-400-2971



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